New Customer Application

We have two convenient options to apply as a new customer

Below are a few items you will need to complete either method for your application.

Exemption Certificate

New customer are required to provide their exemption certificate. If you do not have yours, you can download our Sales and Use Tax Streamlined form (PDF).

It is recommended to have this completed first and ready to upload if you choose to use the online form. If you choose to download the PDF application, you’ll upload this file as well.

Trade References

Four Trade References are required from new customers if you are requesting credit in excess of $1000. The information for each of the references include: Name, Account Number, Email, Phone, City, State, Zip.

It is recommended to have these items collected and ready to input, should you chose to use the online form.

Credit Card Processing Fee

Effective January 15, 2021, all credit card payments will incur a 3.5% credit card processing fee to cover our processing costs.